What Happened Next (An Epilogue)

Through the death of the once and future king a new world was born, while Merlin struck with the grief of losing his friend headed back to Camelot, unsure of what lay ahead of him.

Upon Merlin’s arrival at Camelot Castle he was approached by six guards who escorted him to the throne room. Merlin, who was incredible confused, was only told that the queen wished to see him as soon as he arrived. They entered the room, Merlin stood alone in the centre while the knight hugged the walls and the guards blocked the exit with two long ornate spears with three sharp points. One was large and faced towards the ceilings the seconded curved forwards while the last was small and pointed straight in the opposite direction. There was no escape. Looking around the room Merlin saw his friends standing by the walls along with Gaius, his guardian; he couldn’t help but notice all the faces that were missing, the ones that fell in battle. Looking straight ahead he saw the queen, Guinevere who looked sad.

‘Arthur?’ she asked hopefully

Merlin looked down: overcome with sadness he could not bring himself to speak. The room was instantly full of mournful mutters as the knights finally knew their king was dead. Gwen stood trying to mask her emotions, and then she spoke to the whole room, not as a friend but as a queen, her voice powering over the mumbling knights.

‘For those of you who do not know, this is Merlin. Merlin has been the servant and a friend to our late king for many years. He has been loyal, faithful and a trustworthy citizen of Camelot. But Merlin has a secret.’

Merlin flinched. Suddenly all his senses were awake and aware while a dose of panic ran through his veins. His face grew pale and his eyes widened as he looked at the faces in the room; all of them looked confused, all except the queen and Gaius.

‘It is a secret he has kept since he first arrived in Camelot and one of the greatest importance. It is a secret that I’m sure has been a large burden to him and one I believe it is time to share.’ There was a short pause. Within this short pause Merlin heard his heart as it pulsed nervously in anticipation of what was to come, ‘Merlin is a sorcerer.’

These three words echoed around the room. Those few seconds between the words that were spoken and the ones that were about to come felt like a lifetime to Merlin as a million thoughts passed through his mind. How did she know? How much did she know? What’s going to happen now? How can he escape? He saw some of the knights begin the draw their swords in an instant reaction to that word, sorcerer. He was not safe. Merlin’s mind was still racing when the queen began to speak again.

‘He not just a sorcerer, but the greatest most powerful sorcerer to have ever walked the earth and he has spent the last eight years protecting Camelot and our late king. For he is the one who saved Camelot during the great battle of Camlann and has saved us so many times in the past while never getting any thanks or graduate nor ever asking for it, and for this I am eternally grateful; for the people of Camelot owe you everything Merlin and I hope what I am about to do will be the thanks you deserve’

‘I propose we lift the ban on magic as Merlin is living proof of the good that magic can do. I now believe that there is no evil in sorcery, only in the hearts of men. I propose this as I believe our king would want nothing more than for his friend to be rewarded for his courage and bravery. Arthur would want the person who has constantly save us from perilous danger to live free from persecution. If you agree to change the law, than magic will be allowed on the condition that it does not harm anyone nor forsake any other laws of Camelot. Those in favour of lifting the ban on magic speak now’

The room ruptured into a chorus of ayes and Merlin, still slightly confused turned to see the proud faces off the knights. They had accepted him and his magic; in this one moment Albion was born. He had never felt so many different emotions all at once.

‘Than it is decided, now leave us’

The masses of knights left the room. There were only five off them left, Gaius, Sir Leon, Sir Percival, Merlin and the Queen. The air was tense.

‘Thank you’ Merlin spoke before breaking down into tears ‘I’m sorry. I failed.’

‘I don’t doubt you did everything you could Merlin’ the queen reassured him before Gaius stepped in,

‘He would have died regardless of your help, I’m proud of you’

‘Arthur would be proud of you’ Percival comforted Merlin who began to smile, ‘who knew you were so good at keeping secrets?’ Percival remarked, trying to lighten the mood.

‘Will you stay?’ asked Leon

‘I don’t think I can, not without Arthur, without Gwain’ he looked down in sorrow and Gwen spoke, now as a friend not as a Queen.

‘Please stay merlin, we need you, Camelot needs you, and Arthur’s heir needs you.’ Merlin looked up in surprise and contentment, the Pendragon line continues.

And so Merlin stayed in Camelot and advised the queen on all magical issues and nine months later her son was born. As years past Merlin watched generations of Pendragons grow into great people who had full lives and saw history happening before his eyes while the world change and grew into a strange place. He was always their watching and protecting from a distance. Eventually the family moved to a small village beside Avalon Lake and in late 2013 a new generation of Pendragon was born. When a mother and father went to the hospital, Merlin looked after the couple’s daughter; it was late at night we he got a call from a joyful pair and went to speak to the young girl.

‘You have a brother.’

‘What’s his name?’ she asked

Merlin took a deep breath and smiled an ancient smile that had been lost for centuries; he smiled with intense pride before he spoke the name,


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